2012) OWN Europe with the support of EURAG and others host a side event on rural older women at CSW56. March 2012. Read a report of the CSW meeting here. We were delighted to have Aparna Mehrotra from UN Women speaking to their chapter on ageing in the UNFPA state of the world’s older people report to be published in October 2012. Read her presentation here.
2012) With the support of Age UK, UK Board member Elizabeth Sclater, works with a coalition of age and gender NGOs to draft a Shadow Report on Older Women’s Rights in the United Kingdom. Read the Shadow Report here. CEDAW pre-session periodic report. Read the CEDAW report here.
2011) At the invitation of OWN, Europe supporter, Mercedes Mas, members of Own, Europe board met in Barcelona for their biennial meeting in May 2011. Read the minutes of the meeting here.
2011) Picture of OWN New South Wales at an IWW rally in Australia.
2010) OWN at CSW New York: March 2010, Progress on CEDAW General Recommendation (GR) on older women; HelpAge International report on older women; Older Women contributing to the economy.
2009) Report of the CEDAW informal meeting with UN Agencies, funds and programmes, NGOs and stakeholders, held during the 44th session of CEDAW in New York , 21st July 2009.
2009) OWN, Europe’s biennial meeting held in Amsterdam, 8-9 May, 2009 welcomed key note speakers, Bridget Sleap from Help Age International and Professor Cees Flinterman, CEDAW distinguished expert from the Netherlands.
To see the photos of the Amsterdam meeting, follow this link. Previous reports are available in the "Conferences" section.
We have built a new Older Women’s Network (OWN), Europe of individual women who are experts by experience concerning the living conditions of older women from a diversity of cultures. Each has grassroots support in her home country and acts as a resource to others. Should you be interested in the previous activities of OWN, please visit the page "History".
Every effort is made to ensure the English text is correct, however please bear in mind that not every member of the Network has English as her first language.
OWN, Europe è stata recentemente modificata in Rete di donne esperte sulle condizioni di vita delle donne adulte e anziane che vivono in Europa e provenienti da culture diverse. Ciascuna di loro può contare sul supporto della comunità locale e del paese dove vive, e rappresenta una risorsa per le altre. Chi fosse interessata/o alle attività precedenti di OWN, può visitare la pagina “ History”.
Non tutte le componenti della rete sono di madre lingua inglese, perciò alcuni testi in inglese che appaiono in questo sito potrebbero essere non perfettamente corretti. Ce ne scusiamo.
Recientemente, OWN Europa ha sido transformada en una Red de mujeres expertas en las condiciones de vida de las mujeres adultas y ancianas de Europa  que provienen de diversas culturas. Cada persona de la red puede contar con el apoyo de  la comunidad local y el país donde vive, y representar así, un recurso para las demás. Si tienes interés en las actividades de OWN, puedes visitar la página “Historia”.
Dado que  las componentes de la red  provienen de diferentes países, puede que algún texto en inglés no esté correctamente escrito. Nuestras excusas.
OWN Europe heeft een nieuwe start gemaakt als een netwerk van individuele vrouwen.Zij zijn deskundig ten aanzien van de levensomstandigheden van oudere vrouwen uit verschillende culturen.Elk van hen weet zich gesteund door een achterban en fungeert als een bron van informatie voor anderen. Als je geïnteresseerd  bent in de eerdere activiteiten van OWN, bezoek dan de pagina "History".
Er wordt naar gestreefd dat de Engelse tekst zonder fouten is, maar bedenk wel dat niet voor elk lid van het Netwerk Engels de moedertaal is.
OLDER WOMEN’S NETWORK, EUROPE Via del Serraglio, 8 - 06073 Corciano (PG), ITALY - Tel/Fax: (+39) 075 506 8006
Internet: http://www.own-europe.org - E-Mail: info@own-europe.org
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